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My Car$
$3xy Chicaz

mY dRaNKz
Get HiGh!

This is the next girl I'm gonna holla at. She lives in Cali and she's stunnin like me. I'd rock her shit.

Excuse me, let me introduce me La, la uptown top of the line HB
See i'm a million dollar nigga
Rolex on my wrst crushed
Ain't too many can touch
Baby i'm too much
I'm fifteen with fifteen karats and fifteen figures with fifteen niggers

and fifteen hummers with triggers I'm wey at the top
Up the million dollar spot Wat to flex what I got
Make niggas sick like a drop
Every show I get You can give a quarter key
Tryin sale but they cost six-five to see me
While we be goin shows Baby transporting keys
Findin' out always to beat the N.O.P.D
Bu uh-uh Can't stop me from shinin', no uh-uh
Can't stop my rolie from windin, yeah I
I blow niggas minds
Me and Prime up in the five
Dog it's top of the line

BiTcHES hahahahahha

Da numba 1 stunna has got to have his girls. I hit bitches like a ten ton steamroller

My main girls who i put it down for

J Lo marry me