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My Car$
$3xy Chicaz

mY dRaNKz
Get HiGh!

I put dubs on cars, when I ride Im fly We thugs, not stars, bitch, ride or die Put bricks on blocks, nigga, cooked and cut
Juve bout to hol the rocks, nigga, hook it up Diamonds on my hoes feet, when they wlk they spark
Diamonds in my fuckin teeth, when I tlk I spark Dont fuck around with beef, when it start I spark
Me and my Hot Boy creeps, when its dark we spark Just bought a nevw car and Im thinkin bout a million
The motherfuckin driver seat sittin in the middle Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
Ill be fuckin bad bitches, he be hittin they daughters I likee my dick sucked fast, he like to play with them rookies
I like to fuc em in they azz while he beat up the pussy Im the #1 stunna, you dont want my shit
Imma stunt till I die, bitch, the shit don quit

ya'll know how we do. Da numba 1 stunna is coming from East Los Angeles and is always putting it down for the brown. Im also trying to get into the chicano rap game so if anybody out there is into bumpin the mexicano shit too hit me up and will se what up!!

You......know....who I.....be
Nothin else........none other
The.....numba one...stunna
Nigga......I pimp hoes

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