L3t$ G3t #iG#
Roll it, Poke it,
Light it, Smoke it,
Crumble, Stumble
Pass it to your flatmate
Roll some, Bong some,
Use a bit of homegrown
Suck it, bucket
Inhale to get stoned
Weed-need, Thia stick,
Ganja always does tha trick,
Rope Dope, Maryjane,
Smoke the shit, Get insane,
Bogart, eyes that smart,
Rolling has become an art,
Pass the J to the I,
And We'll all get high!
See children...Drugs are bad,
If you dont believe me ask you dad,
If you dont believe him ask your mom,
She will tell you how she does em all!
Pot is a plant
That grows in the ground
If God didn't want it
It wouldnt be around
So all you fuckers that dont get high
Shut the fuck up and give it a try!
<bgsound src="p-diddy-badboyforlife.mid" loop=INFINITE>

My Car$
$3xy Chicaz

mY dRaNKz
Get HiGh!

everybody smokes weed come on nigga. cant the white house do somethin about it so i can smoke in peace


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