My Car$
$3xy Chicaz

mY dRaNKz
Get HiGh!

You know me, I dont need no introduction and shit Ride Bentleys round the city on butons, ya bitch
Arm hangn, wrist blingin, just stunnin and shit Drop the top, blck is hot, stay bumpin, ya bitch
get it right, dont tangle and twist it Hit the club every night, drunk, drinkin that Crissy
Niggas mad, dont like it cause Im bangin they bitches When the light hit the ice, it twinkle and glisten
Baby, Bryan, B., Bubble, you can call me what yu feel Hoppin out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill
Wit the platinum pieces and the platinum chains With the platinum watches and the platinum rings
Last shit aint changed, still doin my thing Steill do it for the block, niggas hang and swing
You dont know another nigga that could stunt like me Big Tymer representin, nigga, the U.P.T.

I alredy told ya Im just a chicano rapper in LA just tryin to come up like everybdy else. they call me the numba 1 stunna cause I shine like the big tymers hahahah

im da Numba 1 stunna, and we gonna glide
and go straight to the mall, and turn out the inside
Prowler Gucci full length leather, Burbons cooler, coogi sweater
twenty inches pop my feather, The Bird man daddy i fly in any weather
Aligator seats with the head in the
Swine on the dash, G-Wagon so Fly
Numba 1 dont tangle and twisle
when it come to these cars i am that nigga
The gucci with the matching interior
3 wheel ride with the tire in tha middle
Its Fresh and stunna and we like brothers,
We shine like paint daddy this our summer


<bgsound src="p-diddy-badboyforlife.mid" loop=INFINITE>
my dog is clownin hahaha haha

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